Romaigne Thomas Adams & Son #1: “Harl Snyder” (August 2010)

Memories of a childhood at the Royal Hatchery & Supply Co of Union City Indiana on Deerfield Road,
affectionately known as “out on the highway.” Also, the Cardinal song and Harl Snyder down by the creek (oh, no!)

Romaigne Thomas Adams & Son #2: “Gracie Frecks Snerd Snore” (2010)

Another production from the John Adams “Union City” collection that bring back recollections of growing up as a child of M.A. and Gertrude Thomas in the 1930’s.
Romaigne Thomas Adams & Son #3: “The Sleeping Porch”

This is the third in a series or memories from the childhood of Romaigne Juanita Thomas growing up in Union City, Indiana. In this episode, Romaigne relates the story of riding horses with her sister doing all the work. Also included is the memory of the purchase of the Southside Elevator for perhaps as little as $6000, and the story of “George Mason,” who wasn’t quite right.

Romaigne Thomas Adams & Son #4 “The Red73 Creamery”

This is #4 in a series with Romaigne Thomas Adams on Union City, INDIANA as she was growing up, with Marilyn Grace Thomas Peterson as her younger sister and Gertrude Sprunger Thomas and Martz Auburn Thomas as her parents. She was born in BERNE Indiana but moved soon to Union City, where most of her memories are centered.

John Louis (aka Louie) & Romaigne Adams 2011 at Wedding of Robin Florence and Barrett Tibbits
The last couple on the dance floor for longest married couple competition, having been married 59 years.